Welcome to MySpot13.This website is all about having fun.What can you do here? can start off by creating your profile and start editing stuff about yourself.You can upload photos on your page.You can also chat with other MySpot users.theirs also personal blogs where you can write about personal and public stuff.This website also aloud you to share photos to your friends that you add can send photo comments and private or public messages.But make sure you dont share your personal information to other users.If someone is currently writing or doing inapropiate materials or things you are aloud to report them becauseMySpot13 is a safe website.Decorating your profile is your choice.And also forum rooms where you can also connect to aim.There's also games that you can play.You can also google search.If you have any question please email the instructor of this site at  or .Enjoy!

Enter the Myspot13 Poetry and Art contest

 You could win 5,000 DOLLARS if you enter the free myspot13/Lulu Poetry now.Submit ur unique and facsinating poem.Just go to the poetry area and start right away.NOW,NOW,NOW!!

Also,join t

There will be other cool contests too,so be prepared.

MySpot13 XTRAS!!!

Here are some MySpot extras that will help you with anything you need.You can also connect to google and youtube.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                                       This is a youtube playlist that sho you halirious videos.Start by clicking one of those videos and it'll take you to the official site ,youtube.                                                     


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